The ever famous Ferrari 330 Amer-oh wait. You've probably never heard of this car. It's a vintage Ferrari from the early 60s which is not a 250GTO. The totally unknown (for the most part) 330 America is an extremely limited, less-than-loved coupe from the Italian mark. It was of course designed by Pininfarina. This car is one of 50 produced before changes were made to the model, having spent most of its life in Florida.

Classed as a grand tourer, the 2+2 is finished in a beautiful shade of red both inside and out, having covered 89,000 miles since new. Under the hood sits a 4.0L V12, fed by triple Weber carbs. Just imagine the noise. And smell. Anyway. It's in sublime condition inside and out considering the age. It's up for sale on auction, and the comments alone are a gold mine of nerd-ery. If you're like us, and enjoy that.

Country of sale: United States

Price: 175,000$ (current auction price)

Seller: Bring a trailer

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