As we traverse the automotive landscape, we encounter gems that embody not just speed and agility, but also legacy and elegance. Enter the Targa 911T, the rawest of 911s which looks as fresh today as it did 50+(!) years ago when it rolled off the production line. Kept as a collector's prize, its journeys have been infrequent yet prestigious, sparingly taken out for grand events like the Coppa Delle Alpi this year.

Owned since 2016 by an enthusiast who valued its virtue, this Targa is the epitome of 'show and go'. For the serious collectors out there, we stand ready to divulge more intimate details of its narrative.

In 2013, this vehicle received an extensive engine overhaul, which should put in good shape for some time. An interesting twist happened in 2014, the Sportomatik transmission was exchanged for a 5-speed manual at the owner's wish. The original Sportomatik gearbox is included, preserving its matching number status.

Country of Sale: Germany

Price: 104,990€

Seller: Munster Classic Cars

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