In the illustrious world of Ferrari, the Dino 246 GT is not just another beautiful car; it's a poignant chapter in Enzo Ferrari's personal narrative. This particular machine, the M-series variant bearing chassis 01584, possesses a legacy that traverses from Florence to Switzerland, showcasing its timelessness and significance.

Born in March 1971, this Dino was initially swathed in an Amaranto Ferrari hue. But today, it stands resplendent in Grigio, guarding the legacy of its Beige interior. While this car’s allure is undeniable, its heart, a 2.4-litre Dino V-6, is where the real symphony resides. The 206 GT might have been the one to introduce the world to this V-6 song, but it was the 246 GT that perfected the tune, melding power with the raw poetry of driving.

This particular Dino’s journey is storied. Initially finding solace with Riccardo Gori in Florence, it traveled through Switzerland's winding roads, changing hands but never losing its essence. By 2013, recognizing the need to rejuvenate its spirit, the car found itself under the meticulous care of Modena Cars SA. With an investment surpassing CHF 200,000, the rebirth was extensive, from its CHF 20,000 engine overhaul to its transformation to the Grigio it now confidently wears.

Its participation in the Tour Auto Optic 2000 (in 2015) post-restoration wasn't just a statement of its resurgence but a declaration of its indomitable spirit. The Ferrari Classiche certification in February 2016 is akin to a badge of honour, a testament to its genuine, matching-numbers lineage. For those interested: this is the certificate Ferrari give to a "heritage car" to certify a restoration has been completed correctly.

While the Dino might have once been overshadowed by Ferrari's more boisterous offerings, aficionados now recognise its nuanced charm. It wasn't just a car; it was a pioneering endeavour, from its V-6 heart to its mid-engine physique. The story behind this model, the only Ferrari to wear a different badge, is well-told and the Wiki article is a good reference point. It's here.

Country of sale: Switzerland

Price: Auction, expected (400k chf)

Seller: RM Sothebys

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