The 1984 Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 PTS Clubman is a very rare car indeed. Built by Peugeot-Talbot Sport (PTS) as one of only 200 units, its mission was to homologate the model for Group B rally competition in the World Rally Championship. This specific car, known as Chassis 091, has a unique history. It was acquired by General Motors through its subsidiary Lotus to explore the cutting-edge realm of active vehicle dynamic control systems. AKA, one of those cars bought to see what other manufacturers were doing...

What sets this 205 Turbo 16 apart is the exclusive PTS Clubman Package. Only around 30 of these cars received this upgrade, which included an aluminum roll cage, lightweight composite body panels, enhanced engine components, improved cooling, shorter gear ratios, and a refined exhaust system. This package turned an already agile machine into a true performance masterpiece.

Beneath its matte black exterior lies a powerhouse - a turbocharged 1,775cc inline-four engine that delivers a formidable 300 horsepower. Equipped with a dry-sump system, higher-duration camshafts, reinforced pistons, and a boost system upgrade, it's basically a racing car.

But it's not just about raw power. Lotus, with its Formula One-inspired expertise, added an active suspension system and a four-wheel steering setup to transform this Peugeot into a precision instrument. The result? A car that handles corners and straightaways with surgical precision. Well, well ahead of its time

Inside, the cockpit features bucket seats trimmed in black leather with Peugeot-branded cloth inserts. An aluminum roll cage bears witness to its racing pedigree, and controls for the active suspension system are thoughtfully placed for easy access.

With just 16,000 kilometers on the odometer and a clean history documented in the Carfax report, this is a very rare best indeed.

Country of sale: USA

Price: Auction, expected 85-100,000$

Seller: Bring A Trailer

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