In the throbbing heart of the 1980s, a machine was birthed into the automotive world, with a meticulously engineered growl that was like no other. We've been looking out for a nice one of these for months, and here we have it - the 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth. Any time you see the name Cosworth on the back of a car, you know it's going to be special. Case in point...

The 190E, with its 2.3-litre, 16-valve engine, pumps out 185 bhp under the bonnet and is mated to a manual gearbox. By modern standards, it's nothing to shout about. But, back in the day, this was well and truly above most of the competition.

It’s in the corners where the 190E truly comes alive, the suspension system offering a masterclass in balance and stability. The dogleg first gear, a nod to its racing pedigree, invites you to engage with the car, to become one with the machine as you shift through the gears.

In the 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth, Mercedes-Benz didn’t just create a car; they crafted a legend, and one that they didn't push the boat out too far on. The rear wing shows that - small, sophisticated but purposeful. Ohyeah. This one is in a beautiful shade of black/blue, has covered 150,000km but still looks like it's in good shape.

Country: Italy

Price: Auction

Seller: Collecting Cars

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