It's easy to look back on the 1990s with rose tinted spectacles, but the Lotus Omega (Vauxhall/Opel) is one of those we all look back on with a huge grin on our faces. Back then, fast saloons were still in their early days - this is long before we had the a whole host of saloons/estates doing the 0-60 spring in sub 5 seconds. This car is one of just 950 produced and was originally delivered to Germany.

You might not think it, but when it left the factory... this would do 177mph. Really. Powered by a 3.6L 24v block (from Opel), it started life as a 3.0L - they increased it and then added some turbo chargers. Exactly the right course of action. There were other improvements made, with tweaks to the running gear (which admittedly were already praised) and some bodywork adjustments. The car became quite famous after it had a controversial life, with a campaign being launch to get the car banned from sale in the UK. Why, you ask? Because it became the choice of thieves, who would steal the car to then commit crimes. That's a story.

Country of sale: Sweden

Price: Auction

Seller: Collecting Cars

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