In the realm of motorsport, the 1993 BMW E36 318i Super Touring car came at a time when the British Touring Car Championship is where a manufacturer went to they were to sell cars. Win on Sunday? Sell on Monday. With an illustrious history, this car, chassis number 001, is the first of the E36 318i Super Touring cars built by BMW Motorsport. This car competed in a whole host of series... but getting a win in the BTCC with Steve Soper at the wheel? It doesn't get much better than that.

The car’s aesthetics are a nod to the classic 90s racing era, with its vibrant livery and aerodynamic silhouette, while under the hood, it harbors a potent 2.0-litre S14 engine, a powertrain synonymous with the revered E30 M3. This machine was not only a contender but a champion, clinching the title in its debut year and becoming a testament to BMW’s engineering might and racing strategy.

The E36 318i is not just a spectacle of speed and agility but also a canvas that tells a story of victories, challenges, and the relentless spirit of motorsport competitors. It's a tangible echo from a vibrant epoch in racing history, offering a visceral connection to the tracks, turns, and triumphs of yesteryears. This vehicle, now available through Girardo & Co., presents an unparalleled opportunity for collectors and motorsport enthusiasts to own a chapter of the illustrious BMW racing legacy.

Country of sale: UK

Price: Call Girardo and Co

Seller: Girardo and Co

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