When it comes to a '90s icon, it's hard to overlook the Toyota Supra. A car that’s not just a memory but a time capsule. Imagine: a single owner who, for 30 years, resisted every urge to slap on some Fast & Furious styling. No, this A80 is pristine, bone stock, right down to those brake calipers.

Now, not all Supras are born equal. This isn't just any A80 – it’s a UK original, standing tall with steel turbo fans, churning out 40hp more than its JDM brethren. A rarity indeed, akin to stumbling upon a wild unicorn in today's market.

This Supra's narrative is just as alluring. Ninety percent of its 66,500 miles? Earned between '93 and '02, pampered with services so frequent that some years saw a double treat. But since '04? A mere 6,000 miles. It's the embodiment of '90s sportscar nostalgia: six-speed manual, UK spec twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE, and the coveted Active Aero.

The cabin is a reminder of why we loved the '90s: leather seats, 6 CD changer (remember those?), headlight washers, and yes, cruise control. Buy this, and you’re not just owning a car – you're investing in an era, in a legend. And with values surging faster than a Supra off the mark, it’s clear: this is not just a car, but a statement.

Country of sale: UK

Price: Auction

Seller: Carhuna

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