These days we're blessed with a plethora of fast Audi Avants/Station Wagons/Estates. In fact, arguably an entire genre - with BMW releasing an M3 touring and soon an M5 touring, Mercedes with a host of them, Porsche with the Panamera... the list goes on. Back in the early 90s, this wasn't really a "thing" (sorry Volvo). But it all started with this. The Porsche, sorry, Audi RS2.

This was the first fast Audi, developed in conjunction with the team at Porsche. They took the standard car, added a whopping great turbo and a host of other parts from 911s of the time. Bigger brakes, a 6-speed manual transmission and Audi's quattro system combined to make a monster. When it launched, it was pitted against various supercars of the time and held itss own. From 0-30mph, it out dragged a Mclaren F1. As a car of the 90s, obviously it wouldn't quite hold its own in the same way today - famed for turbo lag from the 2.2l engine, the 315hp wasn't the easiest to access if you didn't put effort in. But that's part of the fun.

This example from the production run of just under 3000 is up for sale in Italy with 140,000km on the clock. The interior certainly looks well used, but overall the car is in good condition (and that's actually quite low mileage considering).

Country of sale: Italy

Price: 82,500€

Seller: 911 Rimini

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