Spun from the fabric of the twin-turbocharged 993, the "ultimate" 911 was Porsche's road car to allow them to race. Almost a homologation special, for the GT2 regulations of the day. To grace it with the legalities of road-use, Porsche squeezed out a few road-going models, each echoing the specifications of the competition version: a seam-welded tub, wafer-thin glass, Spartan interiors, and the emblematic lightweight bucket seats.

Then there's that engine. An evolution of the 993 Turbo’s flat-six, but tweaked for more aggression and force, delivering a conservatively claimed 430 hp. And remember, just 194 examples of this 993 GT2 Strassenversion breathed life.

Now, for some colour – quite literally. Delivered in a bespoke Iris Blue Metallic, this GT2 once belonged to the Porsche connoisseur, Philippe Aunay. His vibrant collection spoke of his automotive passion. Even in his passing, the car, after embracing the Monaco sun under the guardianship of ex-F1 driver Adrian Sutil, eventually found itself in the UK. Despite recent services, the GT2 went through a meticulous bare-metal repaint. Its 43,745 km journey so far testifies to the tales it can narrate.

Acquiring this piece isn't just about owning a Porsche, it's about embracing a slice of motorsport heritage, meticulously maintained by just three stewards in its lifetime. In today’s Porsche palette, this 993 GT2 stands apart - a shade of legend not to be overlooked.

Country of sale: United Kingdom

Price: Auction, expected 1.8million$

Seller: Classic Driver, Gooding and Company

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