To the untrained eye, it's a Viper. To those who've felt the pulse of true American muscle, it's the embodiment of an era - not least because of its staring role in the older Gran Turismo games. We're peering into the scaly depths of a 1997 Dodge Viper GTS - a serpent that's slumbered for merely 5,881 miles, ensconced in a climate-controlled vault. If pristine were a car, this Viper would wear that badge, making most GTSs seem battle-worn in comparison.

Here's a machine exuding 90s brawn: untouched and factory-finished. And, to ensure its new guardian feels every bit of its original sting, it's had a good seing to in the hope the new owner will drive it as it wasn intended.

Now, the purists might frown at the thought of tinkering with an icon. Yet, this Viper sports some additions – a Nano Ceramic tint offering just the right shade, shimmering 3M Metallic Silver racing stripes, and a stainless-steel Corsa Performance exhaust – promising an additional throb to its already thunderous heart.

It's more than a machine; it's a testament to a time when brute force and beauty danced in an American embrace. At the hands of Autobahn Vault, this Viper doesn't just feel '97 new; it's an opportunity to live a raw, untamed dream. Strap in, because disappointment isn't on this car's spec sheet. You'll just have to live with an interior which looks like it's from a 1989 Ford Mondeo.

Country of sale: USA

Price: $91,000

Seller: Obahn Vault

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