Today, we're diving headfirst into the alluring realm of the Maserati MC12, a machine so rare that you're more likely to spot a unicorn on your morning commute.

Imagine the scenario: a mere 50 of these masterpieces exist across the globe. Yes, you heard that right, only 50. This is a unicorn among unicorns, a creature that emerged from the depths of Maserati's engineering prowess to signal their triumphant return to the racing scene after a 37-year hibernation. Even if it is sort of based on an Enzo...

Picture this – 25 of these beasts roared to life in 2004, and another 25 followed suit in 2005. That's it. Just 50 road-legal MC12s, making them scarcer than a Ferrari Enzo, their distant Italian cousin. But why should that matter, you ask? Well, let me tell you a tale of the McLaren F1. A decade ago, you could pick up one of those for a cool million pounds. Fast forward to today, and you'd need to mortgage your soul to acquire a pristine example.

Underneath that captivating exterior, the MC12 shares its heart and soul with the Ferrari Enzo. It's like two Italian superstars sharing the stage, with Maserati borrowing the Enzo's formidable 65-degree V12 engine, the revolutionary "F1 gearbox" (rechristened the "Maserati Cambiocorsa"), and the Enzo's chassis itself. But here's where the MC12 begins to dance to its own tune. The carbon fiber bodywork, reimagined in the wind tunnel, endows it with extraordinary downforce, a sleeker drag coefficient, and a road presence that's downright intimidating.

Now, let's talk about aesthetics. The MC12 wears its regal Bianco Fuji color scheme like a king's robe. It's a hue that demands attention, with open front headlight clusters that gleam like jewels, exquisite pinstriping that adds a touch of sophistication, and color-coded centrally locking wheel nuts (red on the left, blue on the right) that showcase meticulous attention to detail. But here's the kicker – the MC12 is one of those rare hypercars that offers the freedom of a detachable hardtop roof. Drop that top, and you're in for a visceral, open-top driving experience, complete with the spine-tingling symphony of that savage V12 exhaust note.

This one is up for sale in the UK having been imported in 2015. It's done 207 miles... hopefully the next owner will get a few more than 11.5 miles a year...

Country of sale: United Kingdom

Price: Probably around 5-6million£, but, you need to buy it with an Enzo too. So let's call it a round 10mil.

Seller: Romans International

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