When Porsche make one of their "special" cars, they go to lengths that very few other manufacturers would dream of. In the mid 2000s, one of those cars rolled out of Stuttgart: The Porsche Carrera GT. With a 5.7L V10 paired with a 6-speed m-a-n-u-a-l (yes), this was just about the most advanced car in the world. Now, one small detail we'll add: it had a nickname. The widow maker. Because it was a real challenge to drive (and you'll hear stories that it would spin the wheels when upshifting at 150mph+).

So then, already a special motor car. The one we're highlighting today is even more unique: it's had a remodel by renowned Italian design house Zagato. Only 5 of these were ever made, with just one receiving the Zagato interior... this one. The story goes that a Swiss collector wanted to make some improvements to the design as the original wasn't quite to their liking. An updated front end (with more ground clearance), completely different rear end and wildly different interior all add to the spectacle. This one is up for auction with Carhuna with an expected guide price of 1.5-1.7mĀ£.

Country of sale: United kingdom

Seller: Carhuna and DK Engineering

Price: Many (update: it sold for 1.45millionĀ£)

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