A hatchback on steroids? Perhaps. A game-changer? Definitely. Now, here we have the 2005 version, draped in a suave Titanium Silver – a rare spectacle given only 37 of these grace the UK's roads. This machine, with a mere 22,500 miles on its digital face, has spent more time in pampered storage than on tarmac over the last four years. Its life – recently overseen by SG Motorsport – is soon to feature a major engine out service, including a fresh cambelt and water pump. Ready to be handed over.

Only 2,822 of these were registered globally, a wild hybrid of hatch and sportscar, birthed between 2001-2005. Think about it – a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive hatchback! In a world where hot hatches are downsizing and turbocharging, the Clio V6's raw, naturally aspirated 3 litre setup is a rebellious nod to the past. Its looks, directly borrowed from the Trophy car, make it a street prowler: wide, squat, and audacious.

However, the V6 is more than its brutish aesthetics. Push it down a twisty B-road and you'll understand. It’s old-school: firm but forgiving ride and then that engine - it doesn't shout, it sings. A velvety V6 tune, underpinned by a 6-speed manual gearbox that's as slick as butter on a hot pan.  The driving experience of this car is maybe not quite what you'd think... version 1 of this car was a little spikey to drive and version 2 (this one) was much better. It still lacked some of the oomph you'd expect from a V6, but hey - it sounds good.

Country of sale: UK



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