Remember a time when emissions laws didn't push turbos on us, and manufacturers went YOLO with engines? So do we. Which is what today's pick is: the 2008 BMW M5 Touring (E61). Having undergone a recent £5,000 refreshment under its current owner—tending to the rod bearings, actuators, differential, and more—it's now a (likely) reliable choice to get yourself a practical 500+ hp V10 wagon. With its robust 5.0 litre V10 producing 500bhp, and a seven-speed SMG with paddle shifters, it was at the peak of automotive silliness.

While it may handle everyday tasks with the same practicality as any other estate (trips to the dump, anyone?), the true magic lies in the feel of that engine. This specific example, having been treasured by a collector, emerges as a rare find—especially considering its pristine condition and low mileage.

From our corner, this M5 Touring is an opportunity not to be missed. Resonating with the aura of a Super Estate, it beckons for an owner who appreciates both function and flair. An almost everyday-looking estate with the heart of a sports car, ready to deliver smiles at every turn? Let's go.

Country of sale: UK

Price: 35,000£


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