Ah, the Prancing Horse. Under the realm of ex-CEO Luca di Montezemolo, a man with petrol in his veins and an uncanny knack for birthing legends, Ferrari blossomed like never before. This was, in many respects, peak Ferrari. They'd just won the F1 world championship, and were finally producing cars that lived up to the name. Enter the 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia: the more evolved, more belligerent sibling of the F430. An immediate masterpiece post-its Frankfurt introduction, it wasn't just the hand of Maranello's finest, but also the meticulous input of none other than Michael Schumacher that sculpted this beast.

With a diet that shed over 100kg and an engine that breathed out 503 naturally aspirated horses, the Scuderia was more than just fast; it was seismic. That lowered ride height, aggressive bodywork, lightning-quick gear changes — it felt like an F1 car with number plates.

Then, there's the Scuderia in question: draped in the hypnotic Blu Mirabeau - a shade so rare, you'd think it's mythical. Its life began in Denmark, flirted with Sweden, and then found its rhythm in the Netherlands. Serviced with religious fervour, it even got a €7,000 brake makeover in 2023. With every metal panel retaining its original paint and a mere 11,600km on the clock, this Scuderia has been kissed by time, not ravaged by it.

Shod in fresh Michelin rubber and accompanied by its original literature, keys, and other paraphernalia, this V8 mid-engined marvel stands as a testament to an era when Ferraris were raw, visceral, and gloriously analog. This isn't just a car; it's Montezemolo's era bottled up, ready to be uncorked.

Country of sale: Germany

Price: 330,000€

Seller Schaltkulisse

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