BMW has one of the most diverse range of cars on sale for the enthusiast, and in 2014... they revealed this. The I8 Hybrid. If this car was released tomorrow with an updated interior, it could be considered up to date. Releasing this nearly 10 years ago is still truly astounding, it was SO far ahead of its time. With a 1.5L 3-cylinder Petrol engine mated to a 98kw electric motor - it truly was and is a pioneer. You're talking sub 5seconds to hit 60 and it had an electric only range of 20km+.

This particular example has done 40,000 miles but importantly... is in the most beautiful shade of blue. Clearly not ordered by someone who cared about resale value. It comes with all the useful options you need (upgraded sound because the standard speakers are woeful), and this one comes with a 12 month BMW warranty. For less than you'll pay for a new Electric Vauxhall Astra... Available now at Sytner Harold Wood (which is where I bought an M2 Comp from, incidentally).

Country of sale: United Kingdom

Cost: 43,500£

Seller: Synter Harold Wood

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