It's time to talk Alpina. The German tuner-come-improver of BMW's has recently been sold to BMW and its future is less certain than many of us would like. Taking that in to consideration, today's find is a truly magnificent Alpina B3. Based on a 3-series, the B3 is the ultimate long distance cruiser. Which has a serious amount of poke once you press hard on the loud pedal. It's got 462hp coming from a 3L engine, sending power to all four wheels. It does so while still looking like an (almost) regular 3-series.

This is a fairly new example, but when it looks this beautiful - we couldn't avoid it. The shade of green is slightly darker than the equivalent from BMW on the M3 touring, and if we're talking about appearances... the front end is certainly better to look at. Unassuming, ready to chomp through the miles, effortlessly powerful and one of the ultimate Q cars. It's a yes from us.

Country of sale: Netherlands

Price: 102,000€

Seller: Van Mossel

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