If you're anything like me, you probably spend hours and hours aimlessly looking through cars for sale, for the simple joy of finding something interesting. Finding the good ones isn't always the easiest. So that's what we'll be doing here. No search bars. One car, each day, for sale somewhere on earth that'll make you say yes. Yes, yes, yes. That's cool. Think of this as a curated list of automotive perfection. We've got two simple rules:

1) Cars must be over one year old. Because then we can eliminate a chunk of flippers.

2) No SUVs. None. Zero.

What about the name?

Glad you ask. The name comes the wonderful world of Motorsport. If you've ever looked at a timing screen, you'll see three colours for the split times: yellow, green and purple. Purple means you've got the fastest of everyone on track. Thus the name. Purple splits. The best of all.

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