The Alfa Romeo V6 Ti DTM is not a road car: it's one of the finest looking cars to ever wear the Martini livery. A testament to Alfa Romeo's racing pedigree, and a chapter in motorsport history. This was one of Alfa Romeo's last champions in international competitions before a dry spell set in.

The backdrop is the early '90s. Lancia had already clinched six world rally championships, but the stage was set for the Alfa Romeo 155. The legends behind Lancia's rally success shifted their focus to track competitions, aiming to elevate the Alfa Romeo brand. The result? The 155 GTA, a fusion of the Lancia Delta Integrale's mechanics with the 155's sedan body. Dominance ensued in the 1992 Italian Superturismo Championship, with Nicola Larini clinching the title and Alfa Romeo securing 17 victories out of 20 races.

1993 brought a seismic shift in racing regulations. The FIA introduced the D1 category, cars that, at a glance, seemed stock but were anything but. Beneath the carbon fiber silhouette lay tubular frames, 2.5-liter engines, and a plethora of electronics. For the demanding DTM championship, Alfa Romeo unveiled the V6 TI DTM, a beast boasting 420 HP (later almost 500) and a 0-100 km/h sprint in a mere 2.5 seconds. Its rally heritage was evident in its all-wheel drive, a nod to the Lancia Delta.

The 155 DTM was a marvel of technology, from its electronically regulated nitrogen circuit for valve recall to its three electronic differentials. It's rumored that the electronics alone cost a staggering 900 million lire.

The DTM of that era saw giants like Audi and BMW bow out, leaving Mercedes as Alfa Romeo's primary adversary. The debut at Zolder was nothing short of spectacular, with Larini and Alessandro Nannini leading the charge. The season culminated in Alfa Romeo clinching both the drivers' and constructors' titles, a significant blow to the German automotive industry.

Subsequent seasons saw the 155 DTM face fierce competition, with highs and lows. Yet, its legacy was cemented. Today, 25 years on, the memories of that fiery red sedan remain vivid, especially for motorsport veterans like Gerhard Berger, who dreams of seeing Alfa Romeo back in the DTM.

In the annals of motorsport, the Alfa Romeo V6 Ti DTM stands as a beacon of Alfa's racing prowess, a machine that captured hearts and podiums alike. Cars like this don't become available often, but when they do... they aren't cheap.

Country of sale: Italy

Price: 1,500,000€

Seller: Autoluce

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