Sharing almost new cars (coughs - flipped cars) isn't something we're that fond of, but this is an exception. Launched in 2022, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAM is a limited edition run of the already Giulia Quadrifoglio. It's been fettled by the fine folks at Sauber Engineering (more on that later), who've worked their magic. It produces 533bhp which isn't at all from an engine derived in a Ferrari California. Not at alllllll.

This edition is in an incredible shade of dark red with gold calipers. Although it comes with a fairly ridiculous black carbon rear wing, the colour scheme makes it work really well. Yes you'll stand out, but no - you're not going to look quite as silly in the real world as say a 992 GT3 RS... It doesn't have rear seats, but does have deep carbon bucket seats in the front. The reason we're picking this now, considering it's age? Sauber and Alfa Romeo are parting ways very soon. But it seems like they'll end up with another team soon...

Country of sale: United Kingdom

Seller: Amari Supercars

Price: 199,995£

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