In the realm of the Prancing Horse, there are cars, and then there are legends. Enter the Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M - a car that was designed to commemorate Ferrari winning the Formula 1 World Championship. Not the drivers (that went to a young British driver... wonder what happened to him?), but the constructors.

A member of the exclusive 499-unit club, this right-hand-drive specimen is rarer than a needle in a haystack. And its story? As exotic as its lineage. Born for the Australian terrains and caressed by the hands of masters at Ferrari centres EuroMarque Brisbane and Zagame Victoria, its tale took a British turn when DK Engineering beckoned it to the UK for a discerning client in 2015. Its upkeep is meticulous, its history comprehensive, and its mileage... refreshingly low.

Draped in Nero with 3D fabric inserts, the 16M is more than its sum of parts. It's a tribute to Ferrari's 16 World Constructor Titles—a machine not just built to be fast, but to ignite the soul.

With Carbon Ceramic Brakes, a Carbon Steering Wheel flaunting LED shift lights, and Giallo Brake Callipers among its arsenal, the 16M promises exhilaration with every twist of its key. Its offering? A fresh Ferrari service, an unblemished MOT, and the guarantee of a rush few automobiles can deliver. Oh, and just look at those carbon doors. JUST STOP AND LOOK AT THEM. Beauty.

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