A little known but mighty important limited edition Lancia mega-car. Born in 1985, this machine was not just any car; it was a purpose-built rally homologation special, designed to conquer the World Rally Championship. Its creation was a response to the Group B era, a time when regulations were lax, and manufacturers were given the freedom to innovate without many constraints. The result? The Delta S4, a car that combined supercharging and turbocharging in a bid to maximize power and responsiveness. With the results being terrifying.

At its heart, the Delta S4 boasted a mid-mounted 1.8-litre engine, which was both supercharged and turbocharged. This unique combination was Lancia's solution to the challenges of providing immediate throttle response at low revs while also delivering a high top-end power. The result was an astonishing 250 horsepower (a lot back then) in the road-going Stradale version. This power was sent to all four wheels, ensuring that the Delta S4 had the traction it needed to tackle any terrain. Its spaceframe chassis, clothed in a mix of fiberglass and Kevlar, not only made it lightweight but also incredibly strong.

The version currently for sale is a striking red Delta S4 Stradale, a road-legal iteration of the rally beast. While it might have been tamed slightly for the road, it still carries the heart and soul of its rally-bred siblings. Alongside a fire extinguisher in the passengers door pocket. The Stradale versions are incredibly rare, making this red beauty a true collector's item. Its design, with its wide arches and aggressive stance, is a clear indication of its rally heritage. The interiors, while more refined than its competition counterparts, still resonate with the rawness and purpose of a car built for speed.

Country of sale: Switzerland

Price: 850,000chf

Seller: Garage Nessi

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