The McLaren 720 GT3 X, a limited edition track machine, is a breathtaking example of motorsport engineering at its finest. As one of only 15 units ever built by McLaren Motorsport, this vehicle represents the zenith of GT3 track car design, unbound by racing regulations and optimized for peak performance. It's not that dissimilar to the GT3 machine, but a little more refined.

At the heart of this automotive marvel is a reworked M840T twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, delivering a staggering output that eclipses the standard GT3 specification by over 200hp. This powerplant, featuring stronger pistons and a "Diamond-Like Carbon" coating for durability, is paired with a six-speed Xtrac paddle-shift gearbox and an optional carbon clutch, channeling immense power to the rear wheels.

The exterior of the GT3 X is a symphony of aerodynamic prowess and visual aggression. Finished in a sleek Gloss Black with exposed carbon fibre and intricate pin striping, the car boasts a significant new front end splitter, an enlarged rear wing, and a diffuser, all contributing to its aerodynamic superiority. The bodywork is protected by full PPF and adorned with a heritage McLaren Orange pinstripe and an 'X' graphic, enhancing its ground-hugging silhouette.

Inside, the cabin is a testament to McLaren's racing pedigree, featuring a stripped-down interior focused on track performance. The revised roll cage accommodates two occupants, with FIA-approved carbon fibre and Kevlar seats ensuring secure and comfortable positioning. The cabin is equipped with VBox cameras for capturing lap records, telemetry for data analysis, and a yoke-style X branded steering wheel with a 'PTP' function for an extra power boost.

The GT3 X's braking system is equally impressive, featuring carbon ceramic brakes from Alcon, paired with Pirelli's high-performance tyres. The suspension, carried over from the GT3 car, has been revised to handle the increased downforce, ensuring exceptional handling and stability.

This particular GT3 X, delivered to its sole private owner in 2021, has seen limited track time and is now poised for its next owner. It represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of McLaren's limited edition supercar legacy, distinct from the P1 GTR and Senna GTR, and born from the expertise of McLaren's Motorsport division.

The car comes with a comprehensive history file, spare set of slicks, and is ready for its next exhilarating adventure on the track. It's a rare chance to experience the pinnacle of McLaren's racing technology, tailored for the ultimate track day experience.

Country of sale: United Kingdom

Price: Errrr, let's not go down that road. We're expecting around £1m

Seller: Octane Collection

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