Road legal racing cars are a rare beast outside of Rallying. Especially rare if they've been produced by a renowned factory. You're looking at a car that was build by Mercedes-Benz (chassis 005 and no, this was not the one that did a flip), legalised to drive on the road. Total insanity. The car hails from the GT1/1990s years (where Mercedes dominated) and was heavily modified for Le Mans.

Under the hood (or trunk/boot?) sits a 5L V8 which produces many, many horsepower (around 600). It was mated to a sequential 6-speed box and topped out at around 360kph/225mph. Rapid.

Although not raced, this car was used for testing and once sold from the factory - spent time in a private collection in Japan. It's since had two owners, with the most recent (in the UK) turning the car into a road legal racer. Quite literally. It all seems fairly original, albeit with missing side sponsor (potentially never added, it would have likely been D2 or Warsteiner). The interior is still mostly original, although you're probably going to want to get a seat moulded...

Country of sale: United Kingdom

Price: Errr, who knows. Racing cars often don't sell for as much as you'd think, but we'd wager a guess between 2.5-3.5millionĀ£

Seller: Joe Macari

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